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Cool down your plastic processing machines with KKT Chillers, the best water chillers featuring high energy efficiency and reliability.


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Find out how to save money with minimised refrigerant filling, load optimised capacity control, space saving design and more. Explore our most popular chillers below.

cBOxX 200

compact line

Cooling capacity of 204 kW to cool the mould of a PET bottle producing machine.

KKT Chillers Compact Line Water Chiller for Blow Moulding Machines

cooling capacity


water flow

KKT Chillers Vario Line Water Chiller for Blow Moulding Machines

vBOxX 28

vario line

Higher efficiency and lower operating costs. Safe operation at temperatures up to 50°C.

cooling capacity


water flow



Lower operating costs

Only the amount of chilling power actually needed is generated. Compact, corrosion-proof housing.

Energy Savings

20% less electrical power consumption due to special EC motor technology.

Material Savings

75% less refrigerant filling through to the use of innovative heat exchanger technologies like microchannel and asymmetric plates.


KKT Chillers has been developed to meet the new and increasingly strict regulations limiting greenhouse gas emissions.


The use of R410A, a non-flammable and non-toxic highly efficient refrigerant, makes the units perfectly suitable for applications in the food and packaging industries.

after sales service

PT. Triputra Innovasijaya provides 24/7 technical service and automation consultations for maximising production efficiency.

Lower operating costs

Temperature accuracy is used for calculating capacity control to lower operating costs. Constant long-term testing at customer sites confirm the high precision control of KKT water chillers.

Temperature with Unregulated Compressor

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Temperature Accuracy KKT Chillers

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Energy savings

Due to the lower power consumption when operating under partial load, use of KKT Chillers can lower operating costs significantly. Constant long-term testing at customer sites confirm the 30% energy efficiency of KKT water chillers.

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