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Automation for Blow Moulding

Discover improved efficiency for your blow moulding process using full automation with Delta Engineering.


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Delta Engineering provides full automation for blow moulding machines. Discover new ways to optimize your production process by reducing labour, packaging material and transport costs.

Delta UDK351

leak tester

High speed on the fly leak tester specifically designed for the testing of wide range of products. Running production line prevents bottle accumulation.

Delta Engineering UDK 351 Plastic Bottle Leak Tester

speed (1 head)

bottles per hour
Delta Engineering DB122 Automatic Bagger Machine

Delta DB122

bagging machine

Replace expensive cardboard trays with hygienic and economical plastic bags using full automation.

width adjustable


length adjustable

Delta Engineering DB050 Automatic Bagger Machine

Delta DB 050

Bagging machine

Save cost with semi-automatic bagger.

width adjustable


length adjustable


Material savings

Replace expensive cardboard trays and boxes with plastic bags. Baggers are equipped with welding beams for tighter bags without shrinking, which means extra savings on raw materials.

Cost Savings

Fully automated baggers eliminate the need for tray handlers. Transport costs are minimised by optimising the number of units per pallet.


Machines can handle a variety of product types, from 100ml milk bottles to 30L jerrycans.


Welding beams for tighter bags without shrinking allows for higher stability.

easy installation

User friendliness is achieved by reducing parameters handled by operators.

after sales service

PT. Triputra Innovasijaya provides 24/7 technical service and automation consultations for maximising production efficiency.

Material savings

Reduce packaging costs significantly using plastic film instead of expensive cardboard boxes or trays.

Dollar Amount Saved
$ 10000 +

(per year per machine)

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