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Explore our high output and efficient Kiefel Thermoforming machines below. Find out how to save money with lower production costs, material savings, specific electrical consumption and more.

Kiefel KMD 78.2 Speed

tray forming machine

Steel rule cutting machine with integrated stacking solutions.

Engineered in Germany. Assembled in China.

Kiefel KMD 78.2 Speed Thermoforming Machine

max. tool dimensions

780 x 30

Max. production speed


Kiefel KTR 6.1 Speed

Kiefel KTR 6.1 Thermoforming Machine

cup forming machine

Mass produce high-end cups with more forming area, more speed and reduced electrical energy consumption.

Number of Cavities

(Dia. 74mm)

Max. production speed


Number of Film Width Adjustment


Material Savings

The entire film is heated evenly, leading to the highest product quality and less scrap material.

Energy Savings

Energy-efficient heating and cooling elements ensures lower power consumption. For example, black ceramic elements and automatic heat adjustments.

High Output

Due to the optimized forming area, space can be used for larger tools with more cavities which increases output.

Precision Cutting

KISS CUT and TENSION BARS in cutting station ensure highest precision especially when BFS in-mould cutting is needed.


The modular design offers maximum flexibility: different forming areas, number of cavities, materials and more.

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