Softal Corona & Plasma

corona treatment

Improve adhesion on plastic surfaces for printing inks, adhesives, molten plastic layers and more. Achieve reproducible treatment effects with Softal's patented Intelliblade™ electrodes.


our best-selling machines

Achieve consistent treatment quality due to the constant gap between electrode and plastic film. Compensate for change in temperature while maintaining quality.

Softal Generator 9000E

corona generator

Automatic power control to compensate for changes in temperature, electrode gap, material thickness and diaelectric thickness.

Softal Corona Treatment Generator

Treatment Power


generator efficiency

> 15
Softal Corona Treater CSC

Softal CSC

corona station

Used in combination with a corona generator for single or double side treatment. Available in various mounting positions.

Type of electrode: ceramic, metal or segments.

Electrode selected for individual application guarantee best corona effects.
Patented Intelliblade™ electrodes, segmented electrodes for strip treatment or ceramic electrodes for conductive materials.

Softal CRDE

corona station

Used in combination with a corona generator for top or bottom or both side treatment of BOPP film.

Softal CRDE-0-2IB25 Corona Treater

Treatment Power


each side

film width


Guaranteed Adhesion

Softal’s patented Intelliblade™ electrode offers customers improved and uniform adhesion in a fast, cost-effective and lasting way.

Energy Savings

Less than half generator output power needed using the Intelliblade™ electrode compared to ceramic electrodes.

Ceramic Insulator

Softal incorporates an arc-resistant insulator in porcelain instead of ceramic to clean thoroughly and significantly reduces the frequency of tripping.

Easy Maintenance

Machines designed with corrosion-proof materials and easy access to cleaning reduce the added costs of expensive machine downtimes.

after sales service

PT. Triputra Innovasijaya provides 24/7 technical service and automation consultations for maximising production efficiency.

Guaranteed Adhesion

Improve adhesion with Softal's movable fixture technology allowing the electrode to move freely when heated. However, a heated electrode would bend or twist when fixed in place with screws and result in varying gaps between the plastic film and the electrode. This would result in inconsistent treatment results.

Standard Corona Treater

Softal Corona Treater

Energy savings

Higher levels of surface tension with lower power output levels can be achieved with Softal's Intelliblade Electrode compared to other electrodes.

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