Haug Antistatic EN 70 Power Pack


antistatic equipment

Haug eliminates electrostatic charges on plastic surfaces.


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Explore our specially-designed antistatic equipment for fast-running production lines and explosion-proof systems. Find out how to save money with lower production costs, lower material costs and more.

Haug EN70

power pack

The EN 70 power pack features a 2x4 high-voltage terminals to reliably remove electrostatic charges on fast-running production lines.

Haug Antistatic EN 70 Power Pack

High voltage terminals

2 x 0

Film speed

Haug Antistatic EI EX T Ionizing Bar

Haug EI EX T

ionising bar

Haug's EI EX T are safe to use in explosive area. Prevent explosions caused by electrostatic sparks in rotogravure printing machines, dry lamination lines and more.

Material Savings

Reduce adhesive consumption in dry lamination lines. Achieve a high-quality glossy finish without a thick adhesive layer.

Cost Savings

Reduce spray-powder consumption in extrusion coating machine by removing electrostatic charge on plastic film.

Explosion Prevention

Prevents explosions caused by flammable ink solvents coming in contact with electrostatic sparks.


Removes all contaminants from sticking onto plastic surfaces to guarantee food-safety.

after sales service

PT. Triputra Innovasijaya provides 24/7 technical service and automation consultations for maximising production efficiency.

Material Savings

Reduce adhesive consumption by removing unwanted particles on the metalized layer in dry lamination lines. Eliminate bubbles to achieve a glossy finish with Haug's antistatic equipment.

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Dollar Amount Saved

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Thick Adhesive without Haug

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Thin Adhesive with Haug

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